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How usable is your website?

USAir just lost some business. While trying to walk my middle ages mom through the USAir website to order some plane tickets, I realized how frustrating it can be for the user to sift through mounds of information.

Mom wanted to buy a plane ticket from them but the variety of options and choice only priced to confuse her. It confused her enough for her to through up her hands and say, “let’s try southwest.” in fact Mon kept mentioning how much easier it was to order plane tickets on Southwest throughout the attempt at USAir.

The usability of the Southwest website was significantly easier. It was easy enough my mom was willing to pay more for the tickets (especially without having to pay for luggage). Plus she had the piece of mind she could change her flight if she wanted to go home sooner.

Simplicity made Southwest much more user friendly online and beyond.

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9% are paying via smartphone — but 71% are interested in paying via smartphone. Shop til you drop (calls): How iPhone users shop in stores  (via courtenaybird)

I love paying by smart phone, but it is more telling how many others would too

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Photoshop CS6 to include 3D features and more


Adobe’s Creative Suite image editing software program Photoshop should be coming out with it’s newest version sometime around Spring 2012. When it comes out, it’s going to have a whole bunch of new features. Most notably confirmed in beta testing, Photoshop will have new 3D features that will have a whole slew of 3D functions to enhance shadowing and modify image axis for better 3D quality.

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